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What is Clay Target Shooting?

Clay target shooting is a sport whereby a person shoots at a saucer-shaped flying target with a shotgun. It is also known as Clay Pigeon Shooting because in the past, live pigeons were used as targets. The targets are made of a clay-mixture material now.

Clay Target Shooting is also the name of our company.

The Various Disciplines.

Clay target shooting comes in many different forms or disciplines. The ones we organise are the Trap, Double Trap, Skeet, Sporting Clay and Down-the-line. The first three disciplines are incorporated as Olympic events while Sporting Clay and Down-the-line are mainly carried out as recreational shoots. As you can see, we provide a wide range of events catering to every level of challenge.

The Guns We Use.

The guns you will be using are 12-gauge shotguns. We will provide you with the guns at the shooting range. There are a few types of shotgun to choose from. The ones we have are mainly the over & under and the semi auto. There is no age restriction in handling a shotgun. However, firearm safety is strictly observed and enforced by our coaches on duty.


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